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  • 2020-10-06 18:18


Radrix Co. Ltd is a university venture company.

We provide various engineering solution, including system design and development,

in signal processing & wireless communication field.

We have developed the next-generation wireless LAN 802.11n/ac and next generation of digital communication systems.


We offer solutions for various wireless communication systems.

IEEE802.11 Wireless LAN

IEEE 802.11n/ac related products
WLAN MAC (Medium Access Control) IP solution
IEEE 802.11n PHY IP list
IEEE 802.11ac PHY IP list
The solution for Wireless LAN 802.11ac standard based MAC/PHY IP
The IEEE 802.11n/ac standard based PHY simulator

Verification Platform

Application-Oriented Wireless System Verification Platform
Application-Oriented Multi Media SoC/IP Verification Platform
HW/SW Co-verification Platform Using HAPS Prototype

Industrial Wireless Communication

The solution for Industrial Wireless Communication System

Digital terrestrial television broadcasting

Digital terrestrial television broadcasting simulator





Contact for product development

Phone : +81 948-29-7937

Email :support(at_mark)radrix.com

URL : http://www.radrix.com/

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